S-Bahn House, Berlin, Germany (2015)

Usually I don’t make a blog entry on a place I don’t know at least something of, because the stories of the abandoned sites are part of their enchantment as relics. Anyway, this time I make an exception. Maybe someone can even enlighten me about the fate of the place.

Block of the Rising Sun.jpg
The Block of the Rising Sun

It’s somewhat surprising that there is no information around on this building, as it is quite obvious for anyone who has lived or even visited Berlin, which itself is a kind of pilgrimage place for wasteland enthusiasts & explorers. All the same, for want of a better name, I will call it the S-Bahn House, as one can spot it from the circle line of Berlin overground train. Already at the front door of the building one could tell that the place had been visited quite often.

The Squad
Paint Job

Although the building & the scrap yard surrounding it can be easily seen, it was little bit trickier to find one’s way to the door. But few jumps over the gas pipes & stroll through the warehouse area, and you’re on the door. At the hallway I realized that inside it was pitch-dark.


It was a sunny spring day, perfect for some wasteland photography, but inside the S-Bahn House I had to grope my way around. That’s also the reason that most photographs from there are quite gloomy & bit blurred, but as such they really just convey the atmosphere of the place.

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

In some rooms there was just slight beam of light bursting in from the small upper windows.


The four-story building is not a relic of GDR times as many other modern ruins of Berlin. One can easily see that it’s newer, probably built during 1990s. Anyway, it rose to the vast empty tract that was born during the reunification of Berlin. It hadn’t been an apartment block, at least I guess so, because it stands all alone in the middle of a wasteland. Likely it served as some kind of office, and it’s possible that it was never properly finished as some parts indicated.

Twisted Stairs

Or then everything was stolen and destroyed afterwards. When I visited the place for the first time, there were kids playing basketball at the second floor, in a room that had been scraped clean.

The Room

There was lot of graffiti around, but not many real pieces of art, just tags & slogans, often antifascist.

No Nazis.jpg
No Nazis

Most of the corridors were full of junk & miscellaneous broken stuff. Devastation was quite total.


So maybe it’s true what someone had wrote on the wall under an empty window: Berlin going to hell.

To Hell

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