Countryside Villa, Basilicata, Italy (2016)

The countryside of southern Italy is strewn with old abandoned houses of former farmers. Many have sold their small fields to larger combines & moved away, leaving their homes behind. Among them one can find also few newer villas, some of them quite fancy – and left all alone.

Front Yard

This building, lying rotting by a small country road, had been quite imposing in its day. It had at least ten rooms, two kitchens, big rooftop patio etc. The front verandah was also showy.


I’m not sure, though, had the house ever been lived in. Many parts of it had an unfinished appearance.


Almost all of the corridors were more or less naked, as if there had never been anything at all.


It is possible that someone began to build a villa of his dreams but ran out of money before it was completed – not unheard of thing in Italy. After that the building had decayed there for at least a decade. It had modern design but the wooden shutters looked old & rotten.

Light & Dark

Some of the windows were sealed also with boards, like in this small room on the upper level.

There ia Crack in Everything....jpg

Whereas other rooms commanded a grand vista to the rolling, hilly landscape behind the house. There was even a small stool in one the rooms for the lovers of nature to sit and enjoy.

Room with a View

Both of the kitchens had almost all the necessary fittings, so it’s possible they had been in use.


Other kitchen was downstairs and the other upstairs, so there was room for two families in the house.


Small label at the fridge door had some Roman figures and made the thing look like mock antique.

When in Rome…

I wandered from floor to floor and room to room. Missing doors & accidental openings made it easy.

Next Door.jpg

On the other end of the long building there was the brightly lit bathroom – or what was left from it.

Toilet Geometry.jpg
Throne of Light

Finally, I climbed up to the terrace. It was hot day and from this midpoint of desolation beautiful view opened to the countryside. In the buzzing silence one could hear the stories of the house.


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