Warehouse, Pisticci, Basilicata, Italy (2016)

Near the abandoned medieval town of Craco (see my earlier update here) lies a small city of Pisticci, famous for its Amaro Lucano liqueur. The valleys between the hill towns are richly cultivated and there are many agricultural facilities. Some of them, however, have lost the battle to bigger producers and closed their gates. And, it seems, also locked them tight.


This place, though, was not so pedantic about it: the fence had tumbled and it was easy to climb inside. There were many buildings in the area. First one was a kind of office for the business.


The building was discarded and at many parts even unfinished. But some biz had been going on there recently, as there were few modern fittings inside. Darkness prevailed all around.

The Door.jpg

The office floor was strewn with books and papers, dealing mostly with agricultural themes.


Apart from the main building there were big hangarlike warehouses in the fenced complex.


They were probably meant  to hold some local products for a while before distributing them.

Corrugated Iron

The warehouses were almost empty. But the bright Italian sun made their shadows alive, and one could imagine the crops, the workers – everything that had disappeared just a moment ago.


The large warehouse had ten or so smaller storage rooms inside, like tunnels with low ceiling. I don’t know what had been kept in them, but their gloomy appearance inspired guesses…


I got back to the village road leading to Pisticci. On the way I saw the surrounding Italian landscape in an empty window, as if framed. In was like a painting amidst all the junk & ruins.


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