Brick Factory, Richmond, California, United States (2017)

Once upon a time almost the entire San Francisco Bay was strewn with factories & mills. Not any more. Some of them have survived, but in other use. Even the former industrial wastelands are rapidly disappearing, but few modern ruins still stand as a reminder of the rusty past. One of them is the former brick factory area at Richmond, just opposite to San Francisco. Looking closely, one can see the silhouette of San Francisco on the other side of the bay.

Factory Halls

Brickyard Cove was once full of buildings of Richmond Brick Company, but warehouses, two old kilns & some kind of small annex building are now the sole survivors. And in ruins. A rainbow was jutting from the clouds on top of the side-building, promising a brighter future…

Annex Building

The old dock from the former heavy weight industrial era was also still there, rotten to the core.


But the more modern hall or warehouse was the most interesting. So I stepped in to take a look.

Brick Hall.jpg

It was huge and almost empty apart from the mechanisms fastened to the walls. As it had just rained for many days in a row at California, the hall had quite distinctive Tarkovskyan atmosphere.


I wasn’t the first one to visit the dead monument to the Bay Area industry. The hall was full of graffiti.


There were so many paintings & tags, that the wall was like a palimpsest of the factory’s later history.


Some parts of it were more like a contemporary art gallery than former brick factory warehouse.


The industrial heritage of San Francisco Bay is preserved for some parts. For example, the nearby Kaiser Shipyards, where battleships were manufactured during the World War II, is conserved and open to visitors. But somehow the places that hasn’t been officially made into memorials of  the bygone era tell the history and present in more authentic and brutal way.

Eaten Doors.jpg

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