General Warehouse, Richmond, California, United States (2017)

Nothing beats the beauty of an abandoned concrete building basking in the Californian sun.


When I first saw this huge empty shell of a warehouse somewhere at the shores of the San Francisco Bay, for a second I thought that I had been transported to the Soviet Union in 1970s. Getting closer, however, the fragments of the letters assured me I was still in States.

Main Office.jpg
General Warehouse

During the World War II, one corner of the San Francisco Bay nearby Richmond was dedicated to shipbuilding. The old dockyards is still there, rotting slowly away just behind this building. The warehouse was not directly concerned with the industry. Instead, it was used to store the equipment of the ships – like furniture, cooking utensils blankets and such.

1324 Canal

More than 700 ships were built at the yards, but after the war the industry shrank. For a while different businesses used the building as a storage, but bit by bit it emptied. There simply was no use for the huge warehouse, and soon it was abandoned and began to deteriorate.


The old signs and other details were left untouched and are still there like fragments of a memory.


The warehouse is situated far from roads & houses, so it just stood there for a long time. Then came the graffiti artists and other shady characters. Inside, the building is now empty.


Most of the doors are now locked, but some windows are broken and let light into the warehouse.


The rooms that had been built more recently inside the building were riddled with tags and other mess. The thin, white walls resembled torn pages of a notepad written full of gibberish.


The small American flag sticker tried proudly to keep the spirits of the place up – without success.


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